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What is DealerTool?....



What is DealerTool?


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DealerTool consists of a high quality, Diagnostic interface lead, that allows your PC to connect to the Bike. More importantly it has comprehensive software that allows easy access to all the functions that were only previously available to dealers.

DealerTool software has embedded help text so explanations are available as you need them. Although full instructions are also included. Note. Software is no longer supplied on CD but downloaded from a supplied web-link.


The 16 way diagnostic connector

looks like this..

Dealer Tool simply connects to the Diagnostic socket of the bike (usually under the seat or in a side cover, Sprint 1050 is in front right hand side storage compartment).

The other end of the lead connects to the PC USB port

Screen Shots:

Here you can see the main features of DealerTool and how easy it is to use!


Main Start page...

   Allows the selection of:

  • Reading ECU data
  • Viewing Sensor Data
  • Balancing of Throttle bodies
  • Checking & Clearing Fault codes
  • Test Modes
  • Options

Test Modes...

Here you can run system diagnostic tests on items like fuel pumps, cooling fans and instrument panels.

If the bike is fitted with an 'EXUP' exhaust valve or secondary throttles these can also be tested.

This is very useful when diagnosing fault conditions or just to run through each test and ensure things are working OK.

Fault Codes...

Here the ECU is read and any faults are displayed and decoded into an easily understandable description. All system Faults are detected -  unlike generic scan-tools..

You can choose to clear the faults and then rescan to see if they come back whenever you choose.

Some more minor faults will get logged but do not indicate a MIL light.

You may find a problem you never even knew you had!

On Sagem models the CO can also be adjusted

 and the throttle position can be reset.

Sagem Page showing Tune adjust menu to set closed throttle position, reset stepper & adjust idle fuelling on bikes with no closed loop control.

Balance Throttles...

Here you can see each cylinders individual inlet Manifold pressures. This allows you to quickly check if the bikes throttles are correctly balanced. If not, then they can be adjusted whilst the screen is constantly updated.

Both a value and a bar graph format are displayed to give a clear indication of when they are all equal. An additional indication is displayed if the balance is within acceptable limits.

* Not supported on Sagem models or 4 cylinder Keihin models

Sensor Values...

Here the real time values of the systems sensors are displayed.

Several pages of sensor values, sensor voltages and the state of relays, lights and switches are shown. This can be used to fault find or just to get piece of mind that everything is OK.

Many things like clutch and side stand switches are not diagnosed by the MIL light, so here is an easy way to check out your whole bike!


From Here you can check for ABS system faults, clear them and Bleed the system too!


Reset the service indicator in seconds on Triumphs new models with service interval warning.



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