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Hopefully all your questions are answered below, however you can email support@dealertool.co.uk if you have any further questions.

  1. What bikes does it support?
  2. How does it Connect?
  3. What does it do?
  4. Throttle Balance - How?
  5. Can I reprogram my ECU?
  6. Can I use it on more than one bike?
  7. What type of computer do I need?
  8. Is My Warranty invalidated
  9. Can I use this software with an interface I already have?
  10. I am a non franchised bike dealer, can I buy DealerTool so I can correctly service bikes without having to buy a bike specific key?


What bikes does it support... ?

All Triumph Fuel Injected bikes fitted with Keihin or Sagem ECU's (Yes this includes the new models like 2013 onwards Daytona and Street Triple, the Explorer and Trophy, 2015 MY versions and the Tiger XCx,XRx etc.

Also now updated to work with the 2016 model Bonneville, Thruxton and the Street twin, 2016 Speed triple.

Therefore it will work with :

Daytona 600, Daytona 650 and Daytona 675, Street Triple 675, Sprint 1050, Speed Triple 1050, Tiger 1050, Rocket III all models, Bonneville EFI, Speedmaster EFI, America EFI, Thruxton EFI, Scrambler EFI. Daytona T595, Daytona 955i, Speed triple T509,Speed Triple 955i, Sprint ST, Sprint RS, Tiger 885cc, Tiger 955cc, TT600, Speed Four, Thunderbird 1600 & 1700, TIGER 800cc & New Speed Triple 1050, Daytona 2013on, Street Triple 2013on, Trophy, Explorer. Tiger XCx,XC, XRX,XR, 2015 street triple, Daytona etc.

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How Does It Connect ... ?

All Triumph EFI bikes are fitted with an industry standard 'OBD' or 'diagnostic' connector. Simply plug this into your interface lead and plug the other end into your PC's USB port.

The diagnostic connector is located under the seat on most models, although the Sprint 1050 and Trophy has its connector in the front Right hand side storage compartment. Some models have it in the side panel.

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What does it do ... ?

You have, in one simple to use package, a powerful tool that gives you all the dealer functions in an easy to use format. With DealerTool you can:

  • Balance throttles. (without the use of gauges) (not available on Sagem models or 4 cylinder Keihin models)
  • Identify the calibration inside your ECU
  • View Fault codes with full fault descriptions.
  • Clear Fault codes
  • Read sensor values and watch them change whilst running the bike.
  • Run dealer diagnostic tests on all the EFI components. such as airflap, exhaust valve, instruments, fuel pump..etc
  • Check ABS faults
  • Bleed ABS brake system
  • Reset Service indicators on Triumphs new models with service warning.
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Throttle Balance - How?

Many are confused how we can check the balance of the throttles without vacuum gauges!

DealerTool gives you a graphical display of each cylinders inlet manifold pressures. You can check the balance of the bikes throttle bodies without even picking up a screwdriver!

If they need adjusting you still need to turn the adjusting screws on the throttle bodies, but you can quickly check them without the need for expensive balance gauges as DealerTool has this function built in at no extra cost!

Note: this function is not available on the older models with Sagem ECU's.  Also the Speed Four and Daytona 600 & 650 models do not support throttle balance. This is a limitation of the EFI system not DealerTool.

All other models DO.

Can I Reprogram my ECU ... ?

No, this would invalidate your warranty and can cause engine damage if you are not extremely careful. DealerTool can still be used to diagnose the system alongside a 'PowerCommander' or similar device. Most of our customers are not interested in messing with their bikes, but do want to be able to maintain them properly.

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Can I use it on more than one bike ... ?

The first time DealerTool is connected to your bike you must click on the 'ECU Data' from the main page. This information must be emailed to keyreg@dealertool.co.uk and a Registration key will be sent back to you by return. (this usually takes only a couple of hours, but please allow 24hrs as we are not always able to respond immediately especially across different time zones)

Simply add this registration key and the software will remember it, unlocking the full use of DealerTool for your bike.

When you buy DealerTool, a 1 bike software key is included. You can buy additional keys to allow use on more bikes at £24.99 each. If you want to use on many bikes you can upgrade at any time to the unrestricted version - see below.
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What type of computer do I need ... ?

A desktop PC or Laptop, running, Microsoft XP / Vista / Windows 7 / WIN 8/8.1 or Win10  - 32bit or 64 bit versions.*

1 spare USB port. (2 USB ports for the unrestricted version) The interface cable is approx 1.5m long so you may require a USB extension lead if you cannot get your PC next to your bike. (USB is not recommended to be extended by more than 5 meters, although it often works fine longer than this)

MAC? Customer feedback suggests that DealerTool will run on a MAC using “bootcamp” or “parallels” - but we have no knowledge on this and are unable to offer support on this.

*Note: only the later interfaces (ver2.5) support Win8 & Win10

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Is my warranty invalidated ... ?

No, your warranty is unaffected and you cannot harm or corrupt your ECU by using DealerTool.

DealerTool connects and works exactly like the tool they use at your dealer.

Your dealer will also not be able to tell that you have used DealerTool on your bike.

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Can I use this software with an interface I already have ...?

No, The DealerTool interface is modified from those that you can buy on the internet.

Several, cheap, generic 'OBD' scantools are available on the 'net, but they do not have the same level of functionality as DealerTool. They are not at all user friendly, and will not give you access to all the information your ECU has, or allow you to perform the important system test routines, brake bleed functions or ECU adjustments. Generic OBD tools cannot access the manufacturer specific data that DealerTool does.

DealerTool is the only unit on the market to support all Triumph models and allow service light reset and ABS diagnostics.

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I service many bikes, can I buy DealerTool to use on bikes without having to buy a bike specific key each time?...

Yes, DealerTool offers an option for bike dealers, workshops or individuals, to purchase a one time registration key so that individual bike keys are not required. To buy the unrestricted version click here. You can also upgrade if you already purchased the std version just by paying the difference. If you want to upgrade please contact us.

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